SOS Communications is located in Milwaukee, WI. providing low voltage electrical, network cabling and fiber optic construction services. Whether it is Security, Communications, or Access Control Systems, we can handle it all. SOS Communications can handle all of your network requirement needs and we also provide a variety of Technology Systems, Telecommunication Services, and Security Solutions not only in Wisconsin but also nationwide.

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Access Control

SOS Communications can plan, design and install your entire access control requirements, backed by uncompromising customer service and support. Access Control systems are an essential part of your commercial security system.
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Network Cabling

Network cabling carries the life blood of your organization – information. To minimize expensive data network problems, it is necessary to follow strict installation and testing guidelines.

Our technicians specialize in fusion splicing, termination of multi-mode and single mode fiber cables, OTDR testing and all types of repair work.

Data Centers

Whether you are building a facility from the ground up or upgrading your existing office, our knowledgeable staff can design, install, and integrate your technology systems.

SOS Communications specializes in data center design, distribution design, outside plant design, and wireless connectivity design. We can integrate your security system including your access controls.

Security Cameras

SOS Communications can plan, design and install your entire security system. Cameras span a broad range of technologies. From panoramic to wireless, our product lines accommodate a vast scope of applications using the latest, leading edge technology.

POS Systems

SOS Communications can not only install a new POS System at your commercial location but also upgrade your existing POS System equipment.

Sound Masking Systems

SOS Communications’ certified technicians can help eliminate workplace noise by installing white noise with a sound masking system. It helps improve the tolerance of sound to keep a happy, healthy, private workplace for everyone.

SOS Communications also offers VoIP Telephony, Cabling, Phone Data Cabling, Network Wiring, Paging & AV Systems, White Noise Systems, Residential and Commercial Security Systems, Residential and Commercial Video Surveillance Systems, and a variety of other telecommunication services. Fill out the form below to request more information on our services or call 262-825-0640 with any questions.

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